6 Reasons to be Wildly Optimistic About the Future

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It’s always hipper to be a pessimist. As a pessimist, your ability to make jokes is much easier, too. You can be snarky.

When have you ever heard a comedian tell an optimistic joke?

Plus, let’s face it, the material’s there. The past decade was the decade of the pessimist.

Wars. Recessions. Depressions. Incessant and continual political in-fighting. Environmental problems. The Kardashians.

Could things get bleaker?

Actually, besides the Kardashian thing, there are signs that life is getting better and will get exponentially better. In fact, many of the problems — like violence and war — are statistically not getting worse. The global economy pretty much doubled in this last horrible decade. And technology is pointing toward an amazing future.

Here are six reasons you should be optimistic about the future.

Moore’s Law Continues

About every year and a half, engineers figure out how to double the power of computer chips. The upshot is, you get a mini computer that fits in your pocket that has more power than NASA did back in the 1960s. Moore’s Law using just silicon chips will continue for the next several years, at least, and new technologies, like optical computing, 3-D computing and quantum computing, are on the horizon to take us into a future where the exponential nature of Moore’s Law may turn exponential-exponential.

Researchers Have Continued Amazing Discoveries

If you follow new technologies, the list of breakthroughs and discoveries is nothing less than astounding. In the past decade, researchers have made steps in nanotechnology, energy, quantum computing, brain science, health, medicine, stem cell therapy, and on and on.

More importantly, we’re only seeing published research. What they’re doing in the lab right now or dreaming of theoretically, we can only imagine.

You May be Buying at a Bottom

From a purely financial outlook, if you continue to bargain hunt in the stock market or real estate market, you may be buying at a bottom or near bottom. When the economy turns around, you will ride the investments up. Buy low. Sell high. That’s how your supposed to do it.

Big IPOs

Whether you like Facebook or not, the initial public offering points to an improving economic condition. Bankers look for good economies when they schedule IPOs. There’s another silver lining in this cloud… Big IPOs, if successful, can lead to more IPOs. Which leads me to the next reason to be optimistic…

New Waves of Technology

Ever hear of Big Data? Or 3-D printing? Then read this article in the Wall Street Journal. These new technologies could indicate an approaching wave of prosperity.

Government Hasn’t Totally Screwed Things Up

One refreshing thing is we have witnessed government at it’s most incompetent. And, guess what? We’re still here. There’s no need to hit the bomb shelters just yet.

Just a disclaimer… So, you’re thinking… This idiot thinks it’s going to be wine, roses, and huge blocks of Bre cheese from here on out. Nope. Not saying that. I think we’re in for some swings, but one of those swings is going to catapult us out of this funk.

Oh, crap. Forgot the most important reason to be optimistic.┬áThe Kardashians are Getting Older. They can’t stay popular forever… right?



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  1. alanc230

    I agree with your optimism, at least the parts that focus on technology and research. However, I fear that the Kardashians will be with us always. I try not to follow them – if you enter into any store that sells magazines, they’re ubiquitous – but I understand the family has teenagers coming up.

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