6 Ways to Become a Wealth Creator

Carol Gonzolez @ Flickr

Carol Gonzolez @ Flickr

The future demands more of us than our institutions have prepared us for.

Our learning institutions are designed to make us productive members of society. Heavy emphasis on “productive.” In fact, schools are built around the idea that we will be wage earners.

Teaching rote memory and learning to color within the lines and think inside the box are more valued in a factory setting where the guy or gal on top is the Queen bee wealth creator; everyone else is just a worker bee.

But, now, the hive has changed. You have more computing and communication power in your iPhone than US Steel did in its entire corporate structure. There’s no reason you should stay a wage-earning drone when you can become a wealth-creating owner.

Here are some new ways you can create wealth.

Add value
The most common way to create wealth is to add value. Adding value means making something better or enriching an experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to tweak a gadget. For instance, Disney adds value by producing movies that enrich the lives of its customers.

Solve problems
Finding solutions to problems is another way to create wealth. Anytime you’re struggling with a problem, you’re actually planting a seed for wealth generation. You just have to find a solution and connect it with a group of folks who have encountered the same problem.

Making complex processes and products easy for more people to use and enjoy leads to the creation of wealth. The easiest way is to use technology to bridge the gap between difficult and easy. Think about the iPod or other Apple products. Apple’s a master at minimizing and simplifying the large and complex.

Find markets
This isn’t exactly new. Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus were past pioneers of this principle. Essentially, if you can find ready markets, you’re bringing value to the table. With the internet, the world is your market potential.

Create information
Information is the new currency. If you can find ways to produce interesting data and information, you’re one step closer to the ultimate alchemy–turning information into gold.

Organize information
Even if you don’t create info, you can organize it for mass digestion. It’s just like Henry Ford’s assembly line. Ford didn’t invent the car, but he found out a way to build them more efficiently.

If you’re interested in finding out how the definitions of wealth and the ability to create wealth are changing, you might want to check out our eBook, the Wealth Singularity. The book is a exploration of how advanced technology is changing wealth and how you can tap into this wealth of the future today.

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