Big Ideas Beat Big Government And Big Business


I had a chat with a friend last week.

It was quick because he told me he was on the way to meet some potential partners for a new business. He’s got big ideas about mobile phone technology.

“Starting a business in this economy?” I asked, somewhat surprised, even though we’re doing the same thing.

He said, “Great ideas don’t read the papers.”

Wow. That blew me away.

I don’t believe in big media. I really don’t believe in big corporations. The layers of yes-men and yes-women form a barrier to innovation.

There’s only one thing worse than big corporations and that’s the biggest corporation in the world: the United States government. If corporations make innovation difficult, a myriad of mini-corporations called departments and agencies, form an impenetrable swamp to the entrepreneur. What’s worse is that a corporation with an unsound business model will eventually collapse; a poorly-performing agency is given more money.

What I do believe in, however, is my friends and their ideas. There are a lot of smart people out there who have the courage to pursue their visions, no matter what challenges arrayed against them. We should not hamper them.

Unlocking free minds is the soul of innovation and the only cure to our economic ills.