Connecting with Favorite Authors through the Internet

Last week, I sent a quick New Year’s note to three of my favorite authors, Tim Sanders (Love is the Killer App),  Dan Pink (Johnny Bunko),  and Leonard Mlodinow (The Drunkard’s Walk). And guess what? Within an hour, all three had responded. How awesome is that!

So, that really got me thinking. The Internet has made two way communication not only possible  but fast. In the olden days, people would send letters by mail written by hand or computer. I think the vast majority of authors did not have the time or energy to respond to nearly all of this mail.

But times have changed. Now it is quick, easy and free. So authors can quickly and easily have two way communication with their audience.

This is only one example of technology revolutionizing communication. As I have mentioned before, two of the biggest revolutions that happened during 2009 were Twitter and Facebook. Once they hit critical mass, they exploded throughout the world. New ways of communicating will make the old ways disappear.

Other examples include blogs, mySpace, YouTube, Amazon Kindle,  and the iPhone. These new products and services change how we communicate. And, their acceptance comes at the cost (or benefit, depending on your perspective) of abandoning old technology.

The most striking example for me is newspapers. The idea of killing trees to transmit outdated information by hand is so 20th century. I think most newspapers will be gone in two years. Living in Los Angeles, I have seen the LA Times go from a giant, interesting publication to a thin, sad, ghost of its former self.

And for good reason. Why would someone read a newspaper article about travel to a foreign country? They can visit hundreds of blogs and find better stories, vivid photos by the thousands, and even video. All for free. It’s faster and provides a better experience.

What’s the point of all these random ideas? Perhaps all the technological change that engulfs us is something to be embraced. We have a choice: either fight the current or ride the wave. I think we can all succeed and thrive by riding the wave of technology.