Free and Affordable Sources of Financial Data

The market runs on information. Whether you’re interested in trading on your own, but especially if you’re considering creating your automated trading systems, you’ll need access to financial data.

Thanks to the internet, there are a range of places to find data on traded instruments–everything from stocks to commodities, and everything in between.

A number of financial data sources require payments. Those payments can be pretty expensive. If you’re an individual, or a start-up algorithmic trading company, the fees to access financial data can be prohibitive.

If you need more robust data solutions, you can still find more affordable financial data services to suit your trading style–whether you just want to keep an eye on your own significant portfolio, or you want to start the next big hedge fund.

Here is a list of websites that provide free and affordable sources of financial data.

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance is one of the leading providers of financial data. Etraderzone offers this explanation on how to use this financial data.

Google Finance is becoming more popular with investors and traders. You can download financial data, including daily and weekly end of day quotes for stock markets in several nations. There’s also a Google Finance API that you can research here.

Investopedia has a research section where you can access historic financial data.

You can check out Quotemedia for their line of applications and data feeds.


ADVFN offers streaming quotes here.

MSN provides eod data for the US stock exchanges.

Xignite provides tons of data feeds for the stock market and other assets. They do charge for this information. Those charges range from a couple bucks a month, to a thousand dollars a month, depending on your needs.

Eoddata offers several membership levels for financial data, most are in the affordable range for individual traders and startups.
Another paid service, has several payment levels based on the number of stocks or instruments you follow.