Gold Investment Ideas

This week has been a great week for gold posts. Here are some of the most interesting I found.

The Big Picture has a great chart of gold relative to the S&P 500. Although gold has hit a high in nominal terms, it is actually still low by many measures. This post shows that it needs to quadruple to hit a high relative to the S&P.

This fascinating video on Stock Market News shows how gold is recycled from computers.

Coin News Update has a great post about manipulation in the Gold and Silver markets.

This article on Zero Hedge talks about how The World Gold Council sees higher demand for gold.

Many people are reducing their risk by guying gold. Here’s what CNBC has to say about it.

Here’s Jim Sinclair’s information about the trading gold on an hourly chart.

Many people are buying gold because of concerns about worldwide financial collapse. Here’s an article on Reuters about Spain’s rating cut and the gold market.

And finally, this post on Whisky and Gunpowder reminds us of some of the best reasons to buy gold: financial crisis and inflation.

10 thoughts on “Gold Investment Ideas

  1. Monevator

    If I had to guess, I’d say gold is in the early stages of a bubble – if we define bubble as being an investment that has become unhinged from fundamentals and is being driven by speculation.

    But I saw an interesting chart the other day showing the progress of gold against other bubbles that suggests it’s only in the earliest stages.

    Tricky. Wish I’d bought some at $725 when it fell back a year or so ago. Let’s hope I don’t think the same if/when it reaches $2000!?

  2. George

    Hi Monevator,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree. I think the gold boom is just beginning. There are many estimates, based on different theories of $5,000 to $6,000 per ounce. Also, when fiat currencies blow up, the greatest amount of wealth is transferred. Even more than in real estate.

    Love your site!

  3. aloysius.allen

    There are always fluctuations in the stock markets and new investors fear to invest because of this reason. Inexperienced investors can try to invest in gold as it safer when compared to other investments.

  4. stephengeorge

    The gold could be easily marketed anywhere and at any time. And the other advantage of gold is that it could be marketed according to the current market price.

  5. Ncdex Tips

    You can either buy gold coins and gold bars or you can opt for government backed gold certificates and Exchange Trade Funds (ETF), if you do not wish to keep the gold physically with you. Investing in gold is advantageous as gold prices have more or less remained immune to the recession. For making profits via gold investment, always buy gold when the prices hit bottom and sell it when the prices peak i.e. during the festive season.

  6. Stentor Media

    Gold is one of the industries with the most riveting history – but I’ve never been personally touched by it like this. With such a high risk job, that encompasses everyone in the community, it’s no wonder that such a powerful sense of solidarity binds everyone together. What a beautiful feat of human nature.

  7. Steve

    Gold has not reached a bubble yet, all indicators are showing signs of Gold having a possible small pull back early this year before a push forward into the $2,000 p/oz level, with the Fed continuing its policy of money printing the real store of wealth will be in gold and other commodities.

    Like the age old saying goes he who has the Gold rules!

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