How to Tell if Your Boss is a Dinosaur



Each generation of workers bring their own cultural insights and values to the workforce. Eventually, the new generation–and its values and insights–replaces the former. During that succession process, there is tension between the younger and older generations.

“How things are done” vies for “how things can be done.”

In the past these executive torch passes have been relatively benign and the younger generation has borne the brunt of the battle. The younger workers had to learn hard lessons on how to adjust to the concrete jungle.

But things are changing. Because the exponential growth of technology our next generation of workers are more connected, more tech savvy, and more determined to approach employment on their own terms.

This revolution in technology and the drastic changes in attitude are quickly turning bosses into dinosaurs and threatening companies with extinction. Here are just a few ways to determine if your boss is a dinosaur.

Can’t tell the difference between a cage and a cube.
Space–and your place in it–is important to dinosaur bosses. In the past, workers needed to be near filing cabinets and desks to access and pass on knowledge. Therefore, you had to be on site to work. Now, information is non-localized. If your boss insists you occupy a chair, you’re working for a dinosaur.

Work is pain
The dinosaur boss believes there is no gain without pain. Since new workers are motivated by the intrinsic value of his or her work, the dinosaur boss will soon realize that pain means no gain.

Time determines value
Like space-equals-work issues, dinosaurs equate value with time. It’s why people are paid per-hour. Completing a task quickly often means it wasn’t done correctly, or that the employee need more work. The dinosaur boss excels in creating busy work.

Controlling connection
A dinosaur fears the connected world. Social networks, Web 2.0, and other apps are nothing more than distractions. They can’t be used as ways to connect to customers, to keep a worker motivated, or viral communication–at least that’s what the dinosaur thinks.

If you’re starting to see that your boss is a dinosaur and that your company is a Jurassic-aged workplace, you still have options. You can work to move the company forward–and that takes time, effort, and a lot of luck. Or, you can find a new places to work. Another option: start the transition to work for yourself.