Inflation: The Silent Killer of 2016

With all the attention placed on Trump, Sanders and the other candidates, it amuses me how clueless the vast majority of Americans are. Most people are focused on the wrong thing. They focus on the inflammatory remarks made by Trump, on they believe in the panacea fantasy described by Clinton and Sanders.

Virtually no one is focussed on the real problem. The country is bankrupt. Does it really make sense for Clinton and Sanders to deliver on their promises if they will make the country’s finances even worse? Trump does not provide details or a plausible plan either, probably because he knows that if he did large numbers of people would not like it.

Chart courtesy of ShadowStats

Nobody talks about QE Infinity or the inflation that has been accelerating over the last decades. Nobody cares that the country is bankrupt or that the party is followed immediately by major financial upheaval.

The longer the party goes on, the worse the hangover.

While the government presents the financial propaganda that inflation is low, it’s pretty clear to me that inflation is not low. Living in Los Angeles, I have seen prices rise much more quickly than the 1% that the government claims. The same is true for large cities across the country. Housing prices have far outpaced wages, and so has pretty much everything else.

DBC Commodities Index

DBC Commodities Index

The only prices that have been falling is the price of commodities. Oil and many other commodities have been falling since 2009. This has prevented a huge jump in inflation. In the 70’s interest rates hit 20%, and they will go much higher when he have another high interest rate climate.

The whole point of this post is that while people are distracted by the circus of the election, their wealth has been quietly and systematically stolen by governments. By distorting the economy through monetary policy, they transfer wealth from the many to the few. And since the many are too busy watching TV, they have no idea of the theft that has been happening for decades.