Innovation Breeds Success

It’s been said that resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. I think that for companies, innovation is the ultimate resource. Especially after seeing this screencast from Gregg at Envy Labs on Dan Pink’s blog. It really got me thinking about how innovation creates success for companies.

How awesome is that! They created a cute and funny video that people see when they unsubscribe. I don’t know if it has really reduced the unsubscribe rate. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it has.

What else is awesome about the Punish Derrick video?

For one thing, it tells people that the company is hip, cool and fun. What better way to show off your company culture than a video like that? I think that the video will have a powerful effect on the way people perceive the company. People who like to have fun will gravitate to it. It lets people know that it is OK to have fun at work.

I imagine that it has been a morale booster for the people who work there. What better way to enjoy the day than watch a video of your coworker getting hot coffee poured on them? I think that this kind of play makes people want to work at the company. And that translates into higher morale, better attitudes and less turnover.

Here’s something else that is awesome about punishing Derrick. It is an innovative and radical solution to an old problem: How do we reduce the number of people who unsubscribe? Most boring average companies never bother to do anything about the problem. Then they lamely lament, “This economy is bad for business.”

I beg to differ. Any company that is creative enough to keep people subscribed by punishing Derrick is creative enough to overcome any macroeconomic BS excuse. If the economy is bad for the company’s products, then make new ones or improve the old ones. Every business problem has a solution, and innovation is the key to discovery. The question is whether the organization is creative, flexible and innovative enough to find and implement the solutions.