Investing And The Triple That Never Was

thirdbasePeople wonder how trillions of dollars can plummet from the stock market in a few months.

Other people wonder where their life savings vanished to.

How could professional money managers lose money?

I want you to watch this video:

The Triple That Never Was

Here’s Ryan Church, of the Mets, a professional baseball player and by all accounts a great player. He hit a triple. And he missed third base! It cost the Mets the game. (If there are any Mets fans out there, I feel your pain. I’m a Pirates fan.)

Maybe he was so happy to hit the potential game winner that he missed the bag. Maybe he grew fearful that he wouldn’t make it home. Maybe he just had a mental error.

So, how does a professional lose money?

Same way! Money professionals can be carried away by emotions. Greed and fear can cause unexpected losses.

The human brain, while a beautiful, piece of machinery, is not meant for consistency. Emotions, sickness, inattention and other frailties can limit its ability to reliably make correct decisions.

There are a couple things you can do to make sure your money is safer.

First, don’t rely on someone to watch your money. You should always monitor the status of your money and the economy. An extra set of eyes is always a good thing.

Also, be wary of people who pretend their infallible. Infallible are usually the first to fail and when they fail they fail–or fall–hard.

Finally, don’t be afraid of technology to fill in the gap. If an extra set of eyes is good, an extra mechanical watchdog that isn’t blinded by emotions may be able to turn that triple into a home run.