Is Your Brain a Computer?

How does your brain work? Did you ever stop to think about all the incredible things that it does?

Brain As a Computer

Here’s just a few things your brain does:

  • Controlling Your Body
  • Giving You the Power of Thought
  • Creating the Ability to Learn

The funny thing about the brain is that nobody knows how it works. Yet! Understanding how your brain works is probably the biggest challenge to understanding human existence right now. We can understand how other organs of the body work, how bodily functions work such as digestion and reproduction, and even our evolution.

There is however, one machine created by humans that is similar to the Although it has certain distinct differences, the computer can be compared to the brain. The human brain is far more powerful, and works a little bit differently.

So that leads us to the question, is there a way we can use the paradigm of the computer to understand our own brain?

But computer users code written in a programming language to get it fixed instructions and tell it exactly what to do. And in a way, our human brains have their own code. The source code for our own brains are ideas. It’s our ideas that get incorporated and develop our entire mind. It’s the integration of all the ideas and beliefs inside our mind that create a code for our brains to run.

All of the above source code gets compiled into a persons actions. If someone’s actions can be determined by all of their beliefs and ideas, then these beliefs are like a program that the brain runs. And as the brain runs this program, the result is a persons actions.

A wise man once said,

Stand Guard at the Door of Your Mind!

Maybe, this is to prevent unwanted source code from entering!

3 thoughts on “Is Your Brain a Computer?

  1. Tomcpp

    We actually know quite a bit about how the brain works. It is only more powerfull in the adaptability that a tiny minority of brains have, and the large majority lacks. Even in individuals that have an adaptable brain, it rarely, if ever, truly adapts.

    It is an imitation machine, first and foremost. All the actions your brain sends to the body are imitations of what it’s seen before. In reality this is how it works both at a very high level and at a very low level.

    The actions of a single neuron are simple :

    Output = 0.1 * last seconds input + 0.2 * last minute’s input + 0.3 * last year’s input (with a young child, it would be 0.3 0.2 0.1 for factors, at 21 it’s somewhat like this. At 70 the factors are more like 0.0001 0.001 0.8)

    This is as true for an entire human as it is for a single neuron. The behavior of humans is behavior that the brain copied (“mostly” accurate) from external stimuli.

    But this view has strong opponents. First it demonstrates that “look what I did” type of law systems (like, oh, say the new testament) are much more effective than “this must not happen” type of law systems (like any state law). They are much easier to follow and will be followed more.

    It also means that violent tv, movies and video games do indeed cause violence in children (which is beyond evident to anyone with kids).

    It also explains the largest frustrations of parents. Kids are “do as I do” people, not “do as I say” people. They will imitate their parents.

    The worst thing to do to a system like this is ignore it. That will cause the “error” to grow, resulting in random behavior. The first thing any simulation will tell you is that “random” behavior is VERY violent.

    If you think about how a young brain could accumulate information it becomes evident that the above statements are in reality quite general, and apply to many types of intelligence.

  2. George

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your kind response. You sure do seem knowledgeable about the brain.

    I am curious. Are you a programmer? If so, we are looking for people to help with our Infinite Money Machine.


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