Open Source Investing: What Can We Learn from Other People?

After reading a wonderful post on Happiness is Better, I was really inspired. The post documents the blog author’s experience in Forex trading. What’s really interesting is that he is just learning how to trade Forex, and is not yet an expert. It’s like he’s sharing his experiences of the learning process, and we can learn at the same time.

It seems that this is really a significant paradigm shift. In the old world, information was a business’s most precious resource. Patents, technology secrets, and copyrights protected a business and individuals against people trying to steal from them. But the Internet and the blog phenomenon has created a new way of thinking. Now, it’s all about,

What information can we give away that will create value?

Investing knowledge was treated the same way as a trade secret. People did not want to share how they made money through stocks, Forex, or real estate. They were afraid that other people would copy them and the writer would lose money.

Is it possible that there is a worldwide phenomenon of abundance thinking? Maybe this phenomenon is causing people to notice that by giving away information, we actually get richer. As more and more people give away information, everyone in the world gets richer and richer.

Another powerful benefit created by the above mentioned post is that it can be very inspiring. It’s easy for us to imagine that we are going to have our own Forex investing experiment. We can see ourselves go through the same learning process. It makes it OK to not know everything and stumble around at first.

Posting about our own learning experiences helps all of our readers to learn new things. And, learning about the details and strategies of investing is no exception. The trends that have been established by the power of the blog will continue to grow. And, it will be great as everyone has their own investing experiments.

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