Panic! How You Can Tell If Your Workplace Isn’t Working

AndYaDontStop @ Flickr

AndYaDontStop @ Flickr

There are more than 6 million people looking for work. The rest are looking at work and seeking signs that their job is safe.

The truth is that no job is safe. Jobs will become less safe because the confidence in the economy has crumbled and business leaders have become business leaners, hanging back and trying to predict the next move instead of driving that move.

That attitude is a  business disaster-in-the-making as the winds of creative destruction begin to turn into a hurricane-force gale, tossing non-performing companies into the dustbin of economic history.

Your job leaders will never tell you that they’re worried about the future and warn you to begin looking at other employment options. But you can tell it’s going to happen.

It’s called organizational panic. In the individual, you can see signs of panic. Sweat. Fingernail chewing. Shaking. Screaming. An organization is different. You have to look for other signs.

Here are some signs that panic has set in at your place of work.

The First Cuts Are The Dumbest
A business that is panicking will make across the board cuts in salaries and expenses, instead of strategic cuts and elimination of waste. Salaries will be cut, for example, but the CEO’s private jet will remain fueled up and ready to go.

The Family Business
Without any real compensation, leaders will begin to appeal to a worker’s sense of loyalty to remain on the job.

Stick Before The Carrot
Again, without better compensation, the company will use fear and punishment to drive better performance. Managers will make sure they talk about layoffs when they sense a dip in enthusiasm for job tasks.

Key Rats Jump Ship
Watch for leadership changes and exits. The people on top have better access to information. When they see trouble ahead, they’ll take care of themselves first.

Required Reading
Like deathbed conversions, struggling companies get religion and try to pass that fervor onto workers. Leaders will make new business management books required reading for all of its workers.

If you’re at a company or organization that’s suffering form this lack of business direction or clarity, you should begin to plot your next move. But, while your bosses are panicking, don’t you. There are always options.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of organizational panic. Anybody else have any signs your boss is freaking out? Please share!