Power Hour: The 60-Minute Secret To Success

CC Photo by s0ulsurfings

CC Photo by s0ulsurfings

What’s the one thing that most millionaires and billionaires have in common? (Besides a lot of money.)

They get up early.

That’s what Michael Masterson of Early to Rise says in his book Automatic Wealth.  Masterson said he worked for years as a late-to-work, late-to-bed type of worker and said he didn’t get very far. He put in the same amount of time working on projects as his early rising friends, but they seemed to out-pace him in success.

Then he decided to wake up 60 minutes earlier each day.

The results were amazing. He got more work done–and believe it or not–people seemed to begin to recognize him as an achiever because he worked earlier. (It must be a relic of the old farm work ethic past.)

“There is something about getting in earlier that seems wiser, nobler, smarter, or just plain more industrious than working late.”

Oddly, Masterson said, as he climbed the ladder of success, that he noticed most of the high-success types were early risers. (Probably one reason he named his web site “Early to Rise.”

So how can you try this out for yourself and what could you expect from the new habit?

Masterson recommends you wake up an hour early. That’s it. Just 60 minutes.

If you can’t handle the sudden change, you might want to wake up 10 minutes earlier this week, 10 minutes earlier the next week, and so on until you get your full hour of power.

Reasons why:

  • Quiet. The morning is the quietest part of the day.
  • Calm. Along with the relative silence of the morning, the a.m. hours tend to be calmer and less stressful.
  • Less interruptions. As more people wake up, your chances of interruptions increase.
  • Focus. The brain tends to be more focused in the morning.

If you’re an investor or trader, the morning hours are a great time to study and prepare. If you’re an entrepreneur, the extra morning hour can help you with problem solving and creative thinking.

Give it a try. And let me know about your success.