Secret #4: The Government’s most Powerful Tool is Ignorance

Many people feel that the government is unfair, or that life is just plain hard. They think that taxes are too high and that the government oppresses the people. That is probably true in some other countries, but I don’t think it’s true in America.

If people live in America and they feel that any aspect of their life is limited, I wonder if it is more a product of their thinking rather than anything the government has done. People are not sneaking into Iran.
People are not trading their life savings to get passage to Cuba. Everyone wants to come to America.

Having said that, it is also important to notice that the government is not in the business of educating and enlightening its people. Perhaps that is true of every government. For example, the IRS is kind enough to make our life “easy” by giving us a simple form to fill out to do our taxes, the 1040EZ. Did you know that you always pay more taxes when filing a 1040EZ? Once we aware of that, it doesn’t sound like such a good deal.

I think there are many aspects of our lives where the government does not enlighten the people when it has the opportunity. Building a business is a good example. The reason that America has become the most powerful economy in the world is because of the spirit of entrepreneurship that many people have. Yet there are no classes about how to start or build a business in school. Most people graduate and are totally unaware of the biggest opportunity they have to make money: to start their own business.

If people seem to act like sheep, perhaps it is because many people think like sheep. Some would argue that people are free to do whatever they want. That is true, but it would be great to see the government take on a more active role in enlightening and educating everyone. I would love to see the government use some of the tax money to enlighten, inspire and educate people to propel America to its brightest future.

This is the fourth post of a series: Secrets the Government doesn’t want you to Know.