Set Yourself Up to Win – Financially

After reading this great post from Bible Money Matters, it got me thinking. The author of the post is crazy about electronics, and finally decided he isn’t going to spend a ton of money on them any more. But he is inundated with info about electronics all day long. How can he manage his desire?

His solution is to remove all the info. Changing his homepage from the electronics gizmo deal site. Removing the electronics blogs from his blog reader. Etc.

set-to-win-financiallySo, that made me think about how he is setting himself up for financial success. Instead of just consuming all the information and then trying to avoid buying, he is eliminating the desire in the first place.

What can we do to set ourselves up for financial success?

I remember when I used to watch TV for 8 hours a day. I knew it was not good for my mind or my finances, but it was so hard to resist! The solution? Calling the cable company and canceling service. It took a lot of courage to actually make the call, but ever since that moment it’s been easy. How much does anyone want to watch static? How many times can you watch the same DVD? That’s what I call setting ourselves up for success.

Instead of trying to fight the desire to watch Trailer Park Boys on a moment by moment basis, it was just easier to make the call and remove it from my environment. I think there are many things like that in our life. Buying food that we know will not help us at the grocery store is another example. If we don’t have it sitting in our kitchen, it is much easier to resist eating.

On the flip side, we want to automating the things that do serve us. It’s really the same thing as deleting things that make us poor, except we are adding something that makes us rich. We know that we want to pay ourselves first, so setting up an automatic deposit into our Riches Account is a big step. As a matter of fact, many employers will split direct deposit into payments to several accounts, so the money never even gets in our regular checking account.

Once our life is set up to serve us financially, it makes life easy on a daily basis. We don’t have to worry about how we will buy the electronics because we don’t know about them. We don’t have to go through the trouble of transferring money to our Riches Account because it goes there automatically.

I think if everyone spent some time deleting the temptations that make us poor and automating the processes that make us rich, then it would make a huge difference in our financial lives.

2 thoughts on “Set Yourself Up to Win – Financially

  1. Bret

    I have a friend who emails me these “deals” all of the time. He probably already has twice as many electronics as he needs, but he is constatnly looking for a deal.

    It’s quite a marketing scam.

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