Shorting The Apocalypse: Why The Bad Times Can’t Last

Ms. President @ Flickr

Ms. President @ Flickr

The rose-colored glasses aren’t always on.

We’ve talked about the current economic problems and possible future ills… here and here.

But that doesn’t mean that the bad times are here to stay. There are some fundamental reasons to be positive about the future.

As we covered recently, recessions teach. Once we’ve cleared this dip–or double dip–we have it in our power to have an even stronger economy. This isn’t guaranteed. We can flub things up for a long, long time, but eventually markets self-repair. If you let them.

Another reason the economic bust must boom at some point: technology improvement goes on unabated.

Even as we’re contemplating the end of the financial world as we know it.  Moore’s Law continues to improve computer power and computer speed. Smart people are working in labs on health care breakthroughs. Entrepreneurs are creating new businesses and new inventions. Theorists are probing the unimaginable that will one day be fully realizable.

The next wave of economic prosperity could be one mouse click away.

Besides the teaching power of recessions and the continuing improvement in technology, the law of averages state that opportunities arise just like challenges. Trends that bode poorly for the consumer and investor will be met with counter-trends that will boost their positions.

Finally, faith in our own ability to solve problems has never been in recession. Actually, the current trying circumstances are nothing compared to the past.

The first step–and, really, the only step–to creating real change and real prosperity lies within our own minds, not in a government program or a slick company marketing campaign.

2 thoughts on “Shorting The Apocalypse: Why The Bad Times Can’t Last

  1. Jez Liberty

    That’s an optimistic view – which I think could work very well at individual level (ie thats why I try to build an automated trading system) but I am not sure it would work at a macro level (with all the overhanging debt, unemployment, etc..) but then I am fervent Mish reader on the economics side…

  2. matt Post author

    Hey Jez–
    Yeah, I certainly see that the macro level is pretty (insert expletive here) up. But if we can create technology, tools and info to help our clients create wealth, we have a chance to change that large-scale picture. I think it’s only a matter of time.
    And, hey, if not, at least we, our friends and our customers are wealthier.

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