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The Technology Advance: Reading our Thoughts

Once thought impossible, it is becoming commonplace to find technology that literally reads our thoughts. Here’s a toy that reads our brainwaves and responds by levitating a ball. Sounds like fun, huh?

This “toy” teaches us so much about our changing world and the future.

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The Long Tail of Customization

One of the most powerful drivers of the long tail is the ability to customize products to their customers tiniest whim. Consider the first mass production car: The Ford Model T. Ford was proud of his success with brand-new assembly-line technology, which pushed the price of cars down to unbelievable levels. The middle class could now afford one, but it only came in one color: black!

Fast forward just 80 years, and customization is creating brand-new industries, products and levels of demand. This power of customization is made possible by advancing technology. New software and machines allow products to be created in very small numbers. In fact, automation allows the machines to create just a single example of a product!

A Custom Lego SpaceshipOne of the most exciting applications of this technology has been at Lego. On their website, they offer software where you can design your own sets and pieces! Then, you can upload it and a few weeks later, how the actual products arrive at your door! But it was a stupid dream. Just 10 years ago, and now it’s real.

In another area of customization and value creation is in shoes. On the Puma website, you can customize a pair of shoes in 29 different ways! And, on the Nike website, you can have your name embroidered on your shoes.

All these forces work together to create ever-increasing demand for products and services. Customization has gone from being inexpensive, one off process to becoming available to the mainstream.


Ending Laziness With Singularity Technology

Lawn Mower Robot

Actually, the headline should be: ending the guilt about laziness with singularity technology, but, shew-wee, that’s a lot of words.

Let me explain something.

I am a lawn hacker. I enjoy cool spring mornings adding treatments to my lawn so it will be full and green. I enjoy cutting the lawn in June, when it’s just touching the 80-degree mark where I live. (I even enjoy mowing during the fall, but that messes with the chronology of my story.)

Then comes July and August, with 90-plus-degree days and air so muggy it’s like mowing your lawn in a bowl of soup.

Well, if my assessment of the Singularity is right, I will team up with technology to cut the grass when I want to. Thanks to this little baby–a solar-powered robot lawnmower–that day is getting closer. I know some kids who make their date money mowing lawns , but this Roomba unit uses a buried line that you install as a guide and cuts all the grass in between. It can even cut it to your length preference.

It’s a little pricey. If my pound-to-dollar estimates are right… about $4,000. But advancing technology is making goods cheaper all the time.

Now, if Roomba can just make a solar-powered robot leaf raker, I am all set!





The $8,000 Kitty Cat of the Future

Yes, its true. You can buy a cat that causes virtually no allergic reactions in most people who are allergic to cats. In case you didn’t know, its true. They have cats that don’t make people cough and sneeze.

Cats that don\'t cause allergies in people who are allergic to cats!
It a dream come true for millions of people who love cats and are allergic to them. When the cats first went on sale for several thousand dollars, people balked at the price. They thought that no one would pay thousands of dollars just for a housecat that doesn’t cause allergies.

That was then, this is now. Its been 2 years and the demand for the special cats is incredible. The company cannot keep up. Today I received an email stating that they are raising their prices from $5,950 to $7,900. And that is for the cheapest kitty cat!

For the top of the line felines, the prices will go up to $42,000. The demand is so strong that it takes at least 12 months just to get your cat!

There is some interesting things to notice about these figures. First is that new technology will make everything possible. People are concerned about challenges that face us today, such as the environment and energy. But advancing technology will provide solutions for all of the worlds challenges.

Another neat thing about the kitties is that there is a market for them. People around the world are lining up to pay high prices. So, if a company can produce a new product that is in demand and requires advanced technology, people will pay a premium for it. I guess for most people, the choice is allergy free kitty or nothing, and they chose the kitty.

Anything is possible in this world of advancing technology. And the money will flow to those who can create new and revolutionary products and services that improve people’s lives.