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New Years Resolutions

Since today is Jan. 1st, I started thinking about New Years Resolutions. And what better way to start the new year than by creating a blog post?


One thing that is funny about New Years Resolutions is that most people have them. And 99% of the time they have completely forgotten all about them by spring. This useless goal setting system is completely broken. Yes nearly all people use it. Then they lament that they “failed” in following through.


The #1 New Years Resolution is going to the gym. I wish I owned some gyms. Perhaps 95% to 98% of the members never go. And those that do go only use it a few times per month. Ever wonder my gym membership is so cheap? Because the cheaper it is the easier it is to lie to ourselves.

I don’t want to cancel it because I am going to try to start going.

I wonder why people think it is such a great idea to get drunk and party on New Years Eve. Why? What’s so great about it? It’s just another year that went by. Did you achieve your goals? Did you get rich? Did you even go to the gym? If I answered no to those questions, then I wouldn’t be partying. I would be pondering.

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Sorry Potheads: Why Marijuana Will Never be Legal

Creative Commons--Alaskan Dude

Now don’t get your tie-dye up in a bind.

I’ll be the first to say that the drug laws in this country are for idiots. As are most of the other laws for that matter.

In a functional society, rights and responsibilities balance and consequences guide actions. However, the best marijuana smokers can hope for is decriminalization of pot. In other words, you would get a slap-on-the-wrist type of fine, but not the draconian measures you see today.

Here’s why…

If marijuana is legalized, it would still be regulated much like tobacco and alcohol. Businesses, for instance, could still insist that workers be pot-free. This is understandable. You probably wouldn’t want a doctor who smoked pot operating on you any more than you’d want a drunk doctor holding the scalpel, right? People who are clean and productive would probably not want to pick up the slack for the dude who just took a pot break the same way they would eventually turn on the guy who comes into work reeking of booze.

The difference is, obviously, that THC stays in the system longer than alcohol, so while you can still catch a buzz from a beer and go to work the next day, tests to check on marijuana use would likely lead to an abolition of smoking for most workers.

If you think about it, the law of unintended consequences may come into play. Government agencies and businesses may insist on even more drug testing simply because now they suspect everyone is using the drug.

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Review of Come into my Trading Room

Many books that I read focus on a certain aspect of trading. They might talk about technical analysis or a specific entry technique. I feel that these books are OK, but they won’t really make it possible for most readers to succeed at trading. To succeed at trading there are certain dimensions of trading that need to be mastered, and those are the ones that are least written about. They include:

  • Psychology
  • Process
  • Learning
  • Money Management
  • Risk Management
  • Discipline
  • Understanding Oneself

Last week I finished reading Come Into My Trading Room by Alexander Elder. I really like this book because it offers tons of clear, practical information that we can use to become successful trades. And, it addresses many of the dimensions of trading that I think are most important. I think it is the perfect book for anyone who wants to improve their trading, especially for beginners and intermediate traders.

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