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How to Create a Culture for Your Business

This is a guest post by Diane Johnson. She writes about several topics including travel, shopping, and classes online.

If you’re looking to grow your business, whether you’re the only employee or you already have thousands, there are a number of things you can do. Most obviously, you can pour more money into marketing and advertising or incentivize your sales team to grown your customer base. There are also more subtle things you can do that may not have a direct effect on growing your business, but will help motivate your workforce and focus your energy—both of which will lead to expanding your business. In fact, one of the best things you can do is create a culture for your business by defining your goals, empowering your employees, and setting a social agenda.

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Define Your Goals

As the Cheshire Cat says to Alice, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” If you have no idea what the goals of your company are, how can you measure success? More importantly, how can your employees measure success? If you don’t define goals for your company, your employees will think success is simply the monetary gain they get from working for you. But if you have a goal in mind you can solidify their purposes and work together to reach the end. To galvanize your goals, post them around the office and have monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss progress. Breaking down your goals into manageable steps will help your company focus on the job at hand. Continue reading


The Yakezie Alexa Ranking Challenge

After reading this post over at Financial Samurai, I decided to do the Yakezie Challenge. You can read all about Yakezie here.

It is interesting to me because it is all about helping others. How often do you find an online organization like that? And it is also about building blog traffic, which is one of my business goals.

Currently, the traffic rank for this site is 462,815. Traffic has been growing steadily for the last month or so, and I want to make sure that it continues.

What’s great about the challenge?

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Does The Fed Have Anything Else in its Bag of Tricks?

The economy is much more sluggish than the members of the Federal Reserve Board and experts, in general, expected.

Economists are ratcheting back GDP growth expectations. What started out as optimistic has turned to rational. And, now, the projections for GDP growth are tenuous.

The Fed is suggesting growth will be in the 3 to 3.5 percent range.

What’s troubling is that the Fed and every other governmental budget officer has spent their wad on propping up the economy. Is there anything else they can do?

The answer is, “yes.”

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A Bold Prescription For Economic Growth


During bad times, people want to shrink into their tight boxes of conformist thinking. It’s natural to look for easy and quick answers to solve these problems.

It’s like pulling your hand from a hot stove, but it’s a good idea to learn the lesson and find out how to operate the stove better, too. Otherwise you’re going to have a lot of trips to the hospital for those burned hands.

During bad times, you need to be bold. Being bold doesn’t mean it will be painless; it means honestly assessing the situation, learning the important lessons, and finding the solutions that will change the situation.

Bold solutions might not be quick, either. But, in the long-term, you’ll be successful. Solutions that momentarily alleviate the problem are not solutions. In some cases, they cause more problems over time.

Real, bold solutions do exist to our current economic straits.

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