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Expert Profiles: Jez Liberty Sees Vast Automated Trading Potential

Expert Profiles gives Automated and Algorithmic trading system developers and theorists a chance to introduce us to their concepts and strategies.

Our expert featured in this edition of Expert Profiles is Jez Liberty.

Jez is extremely passionate about Automated Trading and its technology. We’ve enjoyed Jez’s posts on Automated Trading at his blog, Au.Tra.Sy blog.

Here’s Jez’s interview:

What made you choose to develop Automated Trading systems?

I have a long-held fascination with the trading world and a passion for technology. So automated/mechanical trading system sits at an ideal crossroads for me and represents an exciting topic to work on.

Additionally the prospect of going into a corporate career never appealed to me; whereas automated trading systems can give you independence and more freedom (and hopefully better wealth).

What are the challenges of developing Automated Trading systems?

There are lot of information out there and it can be hard to know what to pick to get started. In my case, I started trying to automate Technical Analysis patterns with “brute force” backtesting/optimization, which did not prove successful (I am skeptical on the long-term profitability of that approach). Further down the line, I stepped back and got more interested in learning about the nature of the markets, statistics and money management. This led me to have a clear vision of how I could succeed in trading automated systems.

But developing and trading an automated trading system is also a long process, far from the get-rich-quick scheme, that many dubious salesmen would have you believe. So you have to put in some hard work. But the reward and payoff are definitely worth it!

Working on your own can also make you feel isolated. However, my blog and other blogs such as Online Investing are a great way to engage and collaborate with like-minded people.

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McDonald’s Iced Coffee and Business Strategy

My cute girlfriend went to McDonald’s to get iced coffee, and I thought, “Why would anyone want to drink ice coffee from McDonald’s?” That was until I tasted it. The flavors exploded in an array of pleasure, and I was hooked. It tasted so great. So that lead me to a question, “How is it possible that McDonald’s has such great iced coffee?”

I found out that they use very high quality beans imported by a famous and respected bean producer. And, after going many times, its fascinating to watch how they do it. Because McDonald’s success (or widespread consumption, if you prefer) is not due to the fact that they have the best hamburger. Most people can go somewhere else to get a better hamburger. But here are the keys to McDonald’s massive success (worldwide consumption):

  • Consistency. You know what you are going to get, no matter where you are.
  • Systems. Every aspect of delivery is composed of simple, easy-to-learn steps. These steps are quickly mastered by anyone, including teenagers and senior citizens. Every process is broken down into these simple steps, from taking the customer’s order to making French Fries. This makes it possible to have nearly anyone run the systems, and deliver the product.
  • Tasty food. It may not be the best, but it has been designed to taste good. And it does. (Especially the French Fries!)
  • Low prices. Its hard to find a “meal” for less. Fast food has revolutionized the way Americans eat (with powerful and long lasting consequences). Much of this revolution can be attributed to low prices. And, these low prices and corporate profits are directly attributable to the systems that run the business.

And I noticed the four ideas above were apparent in the iced coffee as well. Its cheap, tastes great. The person who takes my order is usually a teenager. They have a system of two machines and one syrup dispenser that is used to make the iced coffee. And the product is consistent.

So, if you like ice coffee, I suggest going to McDonald’s once and trying it. And watch for the systems and business strategies that are used to deliver the iced coffee. Its pretty interesting to study and learn about this stuff, and anyone can do it. All for $2 for an iced cold drink.