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New Years Resolutions

Since today is Jan. 1st, I started thinking about New Years Resolutions. And what better way to start the new year than by creating a blog post?


One thing that is funny about New Years Resolutions is that most people have them. And 99% of the time they have completely forgotten all about them by spring.¬†This useless goal setting system is completely broken. Yes nearly all people use it. Then they lament that they “failed” in following through.


The #1 New Years Resolution is going to the gym. I wish I owned some gyms. Perhaps 95% to 98% of the members never go. And those that do go only use it a few times per month. Ever wonder my gym membership is so cheap? Because the cheaper it is the easier it is to lie to ourselves.

I don’t want to cancel it because I am going to try to start going.

I wonder why people think it is such a great idea to get drunk and party on New Years Eve. Why? What’s so great about it? It’s just another year that¬†went by. Did you achieve your goals? Did you get rich? Did you even go to the gym? If I answered no to those questions, then I wouldn’t be partying. I would be pondering.

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How To Save Money For Your Family At The Cinemas

This is a guest post by Timothy Ng from Australia. Yay Australia!

Saving money at the movies is a challenge for many families when they choose a day out for fun. Unfortunately, the days when going to the movies was considered a “cheap” day out are gone unless you are money savvy. Today you can expect to fork out big if you intend to buy movie snacks, and thinking about bringing your own is about as ethical as bringing your own food to your neighbour’s house without a specific invite. It doesn’t work that way.

Luckily though there are ways you can maximize your savings.

Save money by being loyal

Most cinemas have some sort of loyalty membership that rewards you for visiting often. Some of them give you free popcorn while others offer you free tickets on a points system.

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