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Beyond Disruptive: New Tech Won’t Change Life; They’ll Change Reality

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Unless you lived with the Unabomber during the 1990s, you have had a taste of disruptive technology. The internet has changed how we do business, how we communicate, how we gather news and information and even how we listen to music.

Business have been created overnight. (We had a word for Twitter back before the web–it was called graffiti.

And business have gone bankrupt over night.

This isn’t anything new. With each new round of technology, we experience disruptions. Railroad, the telephone, the telegraph, the printing press, the wheel, fire–they’ve all changed our lives. But, notice I said that we have experienced a “taste” of disruption.

The next round of technology won’t change our lives; it will change life.

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How Trading Beliefs Affect Trading Reality

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Sit down, folks, I’m going to get all kooky on you.

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the power of beliefs to influence your trading reality. Greed is a belief and it can certainly affect your trading discipline. Then there’s fear–part of what we called the Lizard Brain.

But could it be a lot deeper than that? Could those beliefs interface with reality itself and actually influence the outcome of your trades?


Hey, if it was just coming from me, I would agree with most of you out there who are thinking that I lost my mind. (And that’s always a fair debate.) But there are a lot of other folks who would back up this idea, including a few noted quantum physicists, who have dealt with the inescapable conclusion of the well-documented observer effect.

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You And The Universe: A Tale Of Complex Simplicity

Isn't the reality unreal? Isn't the unreal really real? Wrote@Flickr

Isn't the reality unreal? Isn't the unreal really real? Wrote@Flickr

New Scientist recently released a list of seven questions that keep physicists up at night.

I’m not a physicist, but one of these questions had me thinking late at night.

What is reality, really?

Pretty heavy, huh?

The magazine asked Anton Zeilinger, professor of physics at the University of Vienna, and it appears that they answer is that reality–all that you see around you (and a lot more)–is far more complex and far simpler than you can imagine.

We’re just scratching the surface.

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Four Tips For Visualizing Success

In the past few days, we discussed how visualization–the practice of mentally rehearsing your goals and objectives–can help you achieve success.

Visualization can help you generate income. It can help you with your trading and investing skills. It can even help you save money.

There’s actually nothing that mental rehearsal can’t help you achieve.

Experts on visualization say there are a few things to consider to make visualization more effective.

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Life Lessons from Illusions by Richard Bach

One of my favorite books of all time is Illusions by Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It’s the story of the author’s adventures as a biplane pilot, moving from town to town across the Midwest, and sleeping under the wing of his aircraft. The interesting thing is that one day while he’s sitting by his plane in a farmer’s field, the Messiah flies in on his own antique aircraft.

The Messiah, also known as Donald Shimoda, has the power to move through solid walls and heal the sick. The challenge for Richard is that Donald shows him how he can have the same supernatural powers. What is the secret of Donald’s magic?

A wise man once said, magic is only magic when the audience doesn’t know how it’s done. To the magician, it’s just to finely honed skill. And all of Donald’s power emanates from the fact that he does not believe in reality. He believes that this world is created in our minds.

Many people dismiss these ideas as magical thinking or fantasy. But there’s one small problem with that line of thought. As our technology accelerates, everything that used to be magic is becoming part of our normal accepted reality. Just 100 years ago, flying through the air in a plane was a stupid idea that was ridiculed. Now, flying is a part of most American’s lives.

So what’s the lesson? I think what we can learn from the Messiah, Donald Shimoda, is that this world is not what it appears to be. Maybe to create magic or to even to create a miracle, all we need to do is to change the way that we think about reality.


The Universe Is One Giant Hologram

Hologram Universe

Have you ever seen a hologram? One example is the shiny stamp on your credit card that has a three-dimensional appearance, even though it’s flat.

When I was a kid, you might be lucky and find a holographic baseball or football card that, if you tilted it the right way, seemed to make the player move. Pretty cool.

Science fiction has often depicted holographic images as three-D movies that don’t require stupid-looking glasses to view and that can appear anywhere, without a screen to capture the image.

Holographic technology can improve information storage. The information that is used to create a hologram is embedded in the fabric of the film, so that each piece holds all the information.

Now, some German scientists who were looking for gravitational waves say they have found evidence that the whole universe is a hologram. A slight “blur” at the end of their recent search for gravitational waves was predicted by Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab.

The blur, according to Hogan, is actually a representation of the fundamental limit of space time. Reality, it seems, is pixelated.

This may be “the most important discovery in physics for half a century” and offer some clues to the composition of reality. The discovery also correlates with Eastern philosophers who see the three-dimensional universe that we live in and work in as a shadow of a deeper, more fundamental level of reality, another level in this infinitely vast multiverse.

As scientists begin to tie this theory into the vibrational aspects of string theory, maybe the universe is actually just a singing hologram.


Getting Real… Lifelike Animation Gets Scary Good

Steamboat Willy

We’ve come a long way, Mickey!

If you’ve seen some of the latest animated movies, you realize that it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between real people and cartoons. (In my own life, I have trouble some real people turn out to be cartoons. ha. ha.)

Well. You haven’t seen anything yet. New modeling technology makes it almost impossible to tell the difference between a real person and an animated model.

According to this article, a California company called, Image Metrics, the firm that does graphics for the Grand Theft Auto game, started with a video of an employee talking. The animated movements were then recreated movement by movement.

The finished product is a video of “Emily.”  You can check out the video here and watch reality morph with technology before your eyes.

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