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A Basic Strategy for Successful Investors: Managing Risk

As Social Security begins to collapse and the millions of baby boomers begin to retire, many will wonder where all the money went. It was only last year when would-be retirees lamented,

“My portfolio is down 50%, so I can’t retire. I don’t even open up those statements anymore”

Dow 2006 - 2010

Did you see these people on the news? I remember them clearly. But now that the market has recovered, they are long forgotten. And the lesson was not learned. Most people have their entire retirement account invested in mutual funds. As soon as the market goes down again they will be in the same unenviable position.

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7 Factors That Can Rock Your Retirement

Picture credit: ellievanhoutte @ Flickr

Depending on which researchers you talk to, about half to two-thirds of all Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement.

There’s a variety of reasons for not saving for retirement. You might think you don’t have the spare money. You might think that saving money for retirement can be started “later.” Or, you’re one of those James-Dean-live-fast-die-young type of people who figure they won’t be around long enough to enjoy the delayed fruits of their labors.

Worse, some people might think they can rely on Social Ponzicurity to take care of them in their golden age.

The truth is, a lot of factors can affect your retirement. So, if you’ve calculated your retirement savings, or you’re going to–you might want to consider the following six factors that can influence your retirement:

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This Is Your Brain on Retirement

Photo by BrotaBra @ Flickr

Photo by BrotaBra @ Flickr

The original idea for Online Investing AI is to help everyone retire exponentially earlier than current investment systems that are available. (See, I was nice and said “systems,” not schemes.)

Is that so wrong?

Actually, it might. Or, at the very least, that goal and our own conception of retirement may need refinement based on an article from the Amen Clinics.

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Financial Myths That Will Make You Poor

Most people approach personal finance the way they would follow a trail in a forest. The more worn and marked the trail is and the easier it is to follow, the better the likelihood it’s a good trail.

Unfortunately, that well-worn path can lead right over the cliff unless your willing to do your own reconnaissance and keep your eyes open while you’re on the hike. That well-worn path might also disguise a simpler, more direct route.

Over the years, a series of financial myths and fiscal half-truths have been created and spread throughout the personal finance community that can drive behaviors that can actually lead to poverty-generation, not wealth-generation.

Here are a few of those myths:

Myth: Retirement accounts aren’t designed to help you retire.
Truth: They’re designed to keep you in the workforce as long as possible.

Myth: Falling markets threaten your wealth.
Truth: Money can be made in any market.

Myth: A good salary provides financial freedom.
Truth: A good salary can lead you into financial ruin.

Myth: Your tax return is free money.
Truth: It’s a no-interest loan to the government.

Myth: Only full-time traders make money trading the market.
Truth: New technology can level the playing field for part-time traders.

Financial myths are different from the myths of the world’s great religions and cultures. Myths typically are little fictional stories that make you wise. Financial myths are little fiscal stories that make you poor.

We’ll start our in-depth look at these financial myths–and hopefully set you on the right path to financial freedom–tomorrow.


Don’t Save For Retirement!


Did I just say, “don’t save for retirement”?

Yep. But maybe I should have said, “don’t JUST save for retirement.”

I think the government and financial industry, whether unconsciously or not, have perpetuated the retirement savings scam. Through the creation of retirement plans, like 401Ks and IRAs, and financial instruments, like mutual funds and index funds, these organizations want you to put your money in a lock box and pull it out, at the point when you’re least likely to enjoy the benefits of wealth.

For the financial industry, this makes sense because the longer it takes you to build wealth, the longer they have to siphon their take away.

For the government, it keeps people financially dependent and reliant on its agencies and decisions. It also keeps people slugging away in cube farms and on factory floors. That’s why they penalize you with fees and taxes if you pull out money in those accounts to… I don’t know… enjoy your life.

These positions, which may be based on good intentions, are no longer tenable. For two reasons:

  • Wealth generation should not be crimped in this economic environment. People should be able to invest and use the proceeds of those investments.
  • As advanced technology increases, the life span will increase, too. Our savings will then become the carrot that the government will eternally keep out of reach.

I don’t propose to eliminate 401 K and IRA plans. I don’t believe mutual funds or index funds should be eliminated, either. I don’t believe we should penalize people for creating wealth, either. A fairer tax structure that inspires wealth generation should be implemented. Flat tax, sales tax and even a graduated tax structure that protects your ability to compound your money makes more sense than the current confiscatory tax policy.

And, I think that’s the key: the most powerful financial tool you, the average investor, has is the ability to compound money. Go head and tax the money that is taken out of an account as a form of income, don’t tax the saved and growing money.

How hopeful am I that we’ll live to see this day… or even retire to see it? Not very hopeful. People are creatures of habit, to begin with, and most folks have been taught to fear technology and finances. Jealousy also plays a role. People won’t want to see other people get wealthy by making the right decisions.

But I am hopeful that what we’re creating at Online Investing AI will be so powerful that it, in addition to smart personal tax strategies, could render the penalties on investment meaningless.

Until that day… Keep adding to that 401 K.


Get Ready for Online Investing AI 2.0

Just an update.

We’ve been very happy with the performance of our beta stock trading system that uses advanced technology to autotrade your account. Even in this dropping, choppy market, our system has beat the market.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Our goal is continual improvement of our systems to power extraordinary returns. I just reviewed the next version that George has been busy working on… and it’s amazing! This system is being to developed to (really) improve returns and expand the asset classes that can be traded.Online Investment Egg

And that’s really just the beginning of what we think this system is capable of. We want this to achieve results that can allow our clients to grab financial independence as quickly as possible. One of the mottos we’ve been using is: Get Rich Smart. You won’t make enough money to retire overnight, but through exponential returns and compound investing, you’ll be able to achieve financial independence much quicker than the typical investment schemes (and scams) promoted by the financial industry.

We’ll be testing the system, but you should expect to see this new system and new strategies to start rolling out in the next couple weeks.

We’ll keep you posted at Online Investing AI.