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Launching a New Business

Recently I launched a new business. It allows people to find their favorite Kindle books at a big discount.


Why bother launching a new business? One day, suddenly the idea came to me. When shopping on Amazon, I noticed that the price of a book can fluctuate wildly from one day to the next. The price could be $12.99 one day, and free the next.

Launch business like a rocket

Who has time to check the price every day? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to be notified when the book is on sale? That was the idea. And then I created the site.

If you are interested, you can check it out at Librosso.com. I would love to hear your feedback about how the service can be improved.

After launching the site, I began thinking about the different steps to business success. And that there is only one way to get from one step to the next: Action.

The Value of Action

It always amuses me when people talk about their bright idea like it is a valuable asset. Everybody has great ideas. But 99.99% of the time they don’t do anything about it.

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A New Kind of School

As the economy continues to grumble along, I keep hearing about unemployment and the foreclosure crisis. Although it is definitely a challenge to hold on to a job and a house for many people, I wonder if they are chasing after the wrong thing.

Recently I discovered one of the most awesome sites I have ever seen: Project Euler. It is a bunch of “mathematical programming challenges” that test your ability to program and problem solve. I found that it is the perfect way (at least for me) to learn a new programming language.

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The Importance of New Skills

As the chaos in the economy continues, many people are looking to the government to help them. Companies ask the government for bailouts. Individuals receive benefits while they search for a new job. I see one small problem with these measures: they don’t address the root of the problem.

These companies and employees claim that their problems are caused by a bad economy. Have you even gone out in the rain? Blaming the economy is like blaming the rain for making us wet. What about an umbrella? Is the rain supposed to give us an umbrella?

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Skills for Financial Success

Nearly everyone in America wants more money. And considering the financial crisis rocking the world, most people everywhere feel like they need more money. How can we get more money?

Our answer is through skills. Every successful person uses a set of strategies to achieve their goals. So, what are the skills required for financial success?

Here are three ways that you can increase your financial success:

  1. Goal Setting. This is literally the first step to achieving anything. The idea is to get a crystal-clear concept of exactly what you want.
  2. The Ultimate Success Process. All successful people refine their strategies to achieve their goals. The Ultimate Success Process is a very simple, easy to use system that you can use to get anything you want.
  3. Education. The skills for achieving anything in life are not taught in school. And this is especially true for achieving financial success. If you want to be rich, you will need to read the books, listen to the CDs, and/or go to the seminars that teach you how to get rich.

This is not a complete list of everything to do to get the skills for financial success. It’s just a good start.