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SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Results

After suffering with an incredibly slow laptop for a few years, I finally decided to upgrade the hard drive to a SSD. SSD’s are pretty cool because they are an application of Accelerating Technology that directly affects our computing lives.

Access Times with Old Hard Drive

My laptop is pretty old (maybe 3 years), made by Sony, and was never fast to begin with. I cleaned it out and defragmented it, but it was always slow. Starting up seemed to take forever. And working with Visual Studio was slow and frustrating. Even browsing the internet (on Chrome!) was slow for me. The hard drive above is the standard 5,400 RPM SATA drive that came with the laptop.

Was the investment worth it?

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Accelerating Technology: Chrome Outfoxes Firefox

After hearing quite a bit about Google’s browser Chrome, I became curious. Is it really better than Firefox? It seems that old habits die hard, and it is pretty easy to fall into using the same browser. Finally, my curosity won out, and I downloaded and installed Chrome yesterday.


It was the first time in long time I got excited about a new software. It was unbelievable. Super fast. Intuitive. And, it worked. I went to a variety of flash and Java sites, as well as Facebook. It worked flawlessly and quickly.

Buy why is Chrome better than Firefox?

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