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The Secret to a Successful Blog

According to BlogPulse, there are now 150 million blogs on the Internet. And, that number is growing by 58,000 per day! What many people are discovering about having a blog is that traffic is not automatic. There are certain things we can do to increase the number of people who read our blog.

One of the best resources I have found is the Blog Success Manifesto from Erica Douglass. (Yes, it’s free. You can get it here.) Although there are millions of eBooks and blogs about getting more traffic, I found this one particularly good. There are quite a few reasons that I like this eBook.

Why is this a good resource?

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The Yakezie Alexa Ranking Challenge

After reading this post over at Financial Samurai, I decided to do the Yakezie Challenge. You can read all about Yakezie here.

It is interesting to me because it is all about helping others. How often do you find an online organization like that? And it is also about building blog traffic, which is one of my business goals.

Currently, the traffic rank for this site is 462,815. Traffic has been growing steadily for the last month or so, and I want to make sure that it continues.

What’s great about the challenge?

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Thanks for Another Great Month!

January was an outstanding month for traffic for the blog, and it is all thanks to you. There were a total of 116,821 page views.


The most popular posts last month were:

  1. The End of the Business Cycle
  2. Top Five Financial Mistakes Made in this Economic Downturn
  3. The Failure of Capitalism, Bad Economies And NASCAR
  4. Dan Pink’s Motivation and DRiVE
  5. Conspiracy of the Rich: A Collective Intelligence Book

We hope you are enjoying the blog. We love to hear all your great comments and suggestions!


Thank You for an Awesome July!

Last month was another record setting month for the blog. There were 48,492 visitors and 131,700 page views. It’s really rewarding to share ideas and information with all of you!

The top posts were:

  1. Why Most Financial Advice Is Useless
  2. Automated Trading and the Value Investing
  3. The End of the Business Cycle
  4. The $10 Biopsy And Fighting The Last Health Care War?
  5. Top Five Financial Mistakes Made in this Economic Downturn

This month has started off with a blast, and hopefully it will be another record month. Once again, thanks for all your readership and the wonderful comments.


A Big Thank You to our Readers!

March was another record setting month, thanks to you! We hope you are enjoying the information on our blog!

We had 22,189 visitors last month, an all time high. And, 72,559 page views. We strive to provide interesting and useful content. Please give us your feedback about your favorite posts.

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Thanks to our Readers!

Thank you readers! It’s been another record-setting month for our blog. We had 13,537 visitors and 35,070 page views for February. We hope that the increasing readership is a reflection of the interests and value that we create with our articles.

The recent top posts are:

  1. 7 Reasons Why Saving Money Makes you Poor
  2. Uncovering the Conspiracy of the Rich
  3. Five Ways to be More by doing Less
  4. First Step Toward Unlimited Artificial Intelligence
  5. Life in the Infinite Abundance Economy

At this time, this blog features several (loosely) related themes:

  • Automated Trading
  • Accelerating Technology and the Singularity
  • Success (Financial and Otherwise)

It’s fun and interesting to write about such diverse topics, and we want to make it interesting for you. Perhaps you could say the title of the blog could be “Rich Dad’s Guide to the Singularity”.

if you have any comments or feedback, please let us know!