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Can an Octopus see the Future?

I found this great story on Yahoo about an octopus named Paul, who has the ability to know who is going to win each of the world cup games. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. His picks have been televised on live TV. Plus, even though he is German, he correctly chose Spain over Germany. So that means he is not prejudiced.

Is this octopus really clairvoyant, or could there be another explanation?

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Weekly Wisdom: Tricks, Treats, And Tips

All week long, we investigated some of the most famous investing mysteries and secrets–from the Holy Grail of Investing to the Magic Number 72. We talked about compound interest–the eighth wonder of the world–and we investigated whether there was a Golden Ratio in investing.

Since Halloween is less than a week away, we’ll continue the theme. In this edition of Weekly Wisdom, we’ll round up some of the best posts on personal finance tricks and treats and personal improvement tips.

But, first, here’s a list of tips on what NOT to do if you’re trapped in a horror movie:

  • Don’t decide to “split up” and investigate.
  • Don’t check the cellar or attic.
  • Don’t keep old hockey masks, chain saws, or  pitchforks lying around.
  • Don’t let your cat jump up on you at really suspenseful moments.
  • Don’t get drunk and decide to use the Ouija board to contact the other world.
  • Don’t be a teenager.

OK. Here are some more tips and treats.

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