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Inflation: The Silent Killer of 2016

With all the attention placed on Trump, Sanders and the other candidates, it amuses me how clueless the vast majority of Americans are. Most people are focused on the wrong thing. They focus on the inflammatory remarks made by Trump, on they believe in the panacea fantasy described by Clinton and Sanders.

Virtually no one is focussed on the real problem. The country is bankrupt. Does it really make sense for Clinton and Sanders to deliver on their promises if they will make the country’s finances even worse? Trump does not provide details or a plausible plan either, probably because he knows that if he did large numbers of people would not like it.

Chart courtesy of ShadowStats

Nobody talks about QE Infinity or the inflation that has been accelerating over the last decades. Nobody cares that the country is bankrupt or that the party is followed immediately by major financial upheaval. Continue reading


Does The Fed Have Anything Else in its Bag of Tricks?

The economy is much more sluggish than the members of the Federal Reserve Board and experts, in general, expected.

Economists are ratcheting back GDP growth expectations. What started out as optimistic has turned to rational. And, now, the projections for GDP growth are tenuous.

The Fed is suggesting growth will be in the 3 to 3.5 percent range.

What’s troubling is that the Fed and every other governmental budget officer has spent their wad on propping up the economy. Is there anything else they can do?

The answer is, “yes.”

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Hot for Teacher: What Has The Economy Taught Us

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Recent information indicates (to me, at least) that the U.S. is gearing up for a modest recovery. But can we sustain a recovery without learning critical economic lessons?

This upswing is perhaps part of a cyclical recovery pattern. Severe downturns lead to growth–because, basically, how far down can we go, right?

But, that’s not the vibe on Main Street. Most people think the economy is in the tank and will stay there for a long time. What’s with the disconnect?

One reason, our economy hasn’t appeared to come up with any solutions to the problems of the poor economy. We had the software revolution to lead us out of the 70s stagnation. We had the internet boom in the 90s.

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