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How Bad Could the Economy Get?

pic by woodleywonderworks @ Flickr

To say that pessimism reigns in the market misses the mark.

Fear and panic is a better description.

Conventional theory states that cool heads prevail in periods of excessive fear, just as hot heads lose during stretches of irrational exuberance.

There are essentially four scenarios of how this economy will play out over the next few years. At least one of them will flout the conventional notion that bad economies are time to make money.

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Quotable Money: Frugalites and Attitude Adjustments

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There are always some great memes and ideas from around the personal finance web. Here are some thoughts and quotes I’d like to share with you.

“Just like a horse needs to wear blinders to block out distractions, you need blinders to focus on paying down debt. So what the heck are financial blinders? A budget and a debt snowball.”
Deliver Away Debt

“Definition of a Frugalite: One who is frugal, yet fun. A person who wants to save as much of their hard earned cash as possible – but in creative ways.”
Money Funk

“There are quite a few things that you can do to improve your financial and personal state without spending even a single dime. One of the biggest is simply improving your attitude – the way you interpret the things around you and the way you relate to others.”
The Simple Dollar

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What Does Money Mean to You?

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Money is the root of all evil.

It takes money to make money.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

We are living in a material world and I’m a material girl.

These are all common expressions that teach us what money means. Most of us agree what money is, but none of us agree on what money means.

We all have our approach to making and spending money, as well as an opinion on people who make and spend money.

These beliefs affect our personal and our global economy, believe it or not. Obviously they affect your own bottom line, but as these personal beliefs turn into group beliefs, the meaning of money can literally change the world’s markets.

What does money mean to you?

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Weekly Wisdom: Personal Financial Freedom is Every Step

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Thich Nhat Hanh wrote a book called, “Peace Is Every Step.” Basically, each step of the journey is just as important as the destination.

Personal finance and financial freedom is based on the same principle. It’s the little things you do each day that add up, that make the destination possible. Those steps can be small, monetarily speaking–saving a couple bucks on a purchase, adding an automatic investment to your retirement plan, etc.

But, years from now, it will pay off.

This week, I selected some posts and articles that can help you in small ways, at least for now. But my hope is, through determination, consistency, and patience, these small steps will create a worthwhile journey into personal financial freedom.

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6 Ways to Become a Wealth Creator

Carol Gonzolez @ Flickr

Carol Gonzolez @ Flickr

The future demands more of us than our institutions have prepared us for.

Our learning institutions are designed to make us productive members of society. Heavy emphasis on “productive.” In fact, schools are built around the idea that we will be wage earners.

Teaching rote memory and learning to color within the lines and think inside the box are more valued in a factory setting where the guy or gal on top is the Queen bee wealth creator; everyone else is just a worker bee.

But, now, the hive has changed. You have more computing and communication power in your iPhone than US Steel did in its entire corporate structure. There’s no reason you should stay a wage-earning drone when you can become a wealth-creating owner.

Here are some new ways you can create wealth.

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Weekly Wisdom: Creative Wealth Creation

Cool photo from Photos8 @ Flickr

Cool photo from Photos8 @ Flickr

There are more ways to make, save, and spend money now than ever.

Starting a business is easier. Budgeting your money is easier. And spending money is easier–that means YOU Amazon!

The web and mobile communication have blossomed into money-making and money-saving (and money wasting) machines. We can also use technology and the web to find out about how to make money creatively.

In this edition of Weekly Wisdom, we’ll take a spin around the web to find posts and articles that will help us make money and generate wealth creatively.

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3 Ways Your Beliefs Create Wealth

Stuart Pilbrow@Flickr

Stuart Pilbrow@Flickr

All money is a matter of belief.
–Adam Smith

I know what you’re thinking. This is going to be one of those secret-law-of-attraction-manifesting-type posts.

That’s really only one conjecture of how beliefs create wealth. Even if you don’t believe in any of the New Agey-gooey stuff, the fact is that your beliefs create wealth on different levels.

The first way your beliefs create wealth is on the personal level. Your beliefs affect the way you make money, save money, invest money, and spend money. Those actions together determine how wealth is actualized in your life.

For example, an investor, who believes the world is falling off the edge of a cliff, will immediately act on those beliefs, sell everything he or she has, and be satisfied with the morsels remaining. That one belief determined the wealth of the investor. Since no man or woman is an island, this is just the beginning of the powerful effect beliefs have on the economy.

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Automatic Income Potential From Automated Trading

In our quest to find methods of providing residual income–money that reliably lands at your feet month after month and year after year–we finally arrive at the last one we’ll study in this series.

To recap, we talked about owning rental units, investing in dividend stocks, inventing products, and creating digital products to secure residual income and open the gates to financial freedom. Our last method may be the residual income wave of the future.

Automated trading uses computers to automatically place trades for you. These trades can be based on technical or fundamental factors, or any other stock-picking practice. Alternatively, a famous trader can send out position calls based on his or her own calls or methodology.

The calls are enacted nearly instantaneously through internet technology, so there’s very little lag between when the call is made and when the actual transaction takes place.

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We Failed… Great!

Spruce Goose

The economy isn’t exactly “taking off.”

Let’s face it, we have royally *bleep*ed up the economy and it is, while not in quite the shambles the media would like to portray it, in sad shape.


What? Great?

To fail means you are at least trying and if you use failure as a way to learn lessons, it is never fatal. In fact, you’ll become smarter and stronger.

Here are some of the lessons I think we should learn from the current economic status.

No Economy is an island. Those anti-American, anti-Western, anti-capitalist countries oil-rich countries now realize that financial well-being is interconnected.

No personal economy is an island. If you make good financial decisions, the overall economy will benefit. This means creating wealth and spending wealth smartly.

You are responsible for your own wealth creation. Mr. Madoff was a stern task master for many folks on this lesson. Even financial masters and community keystones can get greedy or turn stupid with your money. After all, it’s not their money. It’s your money.

You need to take responsibility for your future.

It’s the last lesson that will be the toughest. A lot of folks just aren’t numbers people. They want to earn their money and let someone else help their money work for them. There have to be solutions for those people, as well.

We, at Online Investing AI, want to create advanced technology that is so powerful it can assist people with their wealth-creation strategies easily and as risk-free as possible.


How To Know The Difference Between Money and Wealth

Some people make a lot of money and, on a certain level, Online Investing AI uses advanced technology to create investment strategies that make money for people.

But does that necessarily create wealth?Money

If the investment strategies create millions of dollars and the investor spends millions of dollars on miscellaneous crap, then, indeed, the system did create wealth… for the makers of miscellaneous crap.

Wealth isn’t about having a lot of money or buying a lot of bling ‘n things; it’s a state of mind. To begin with, the mind creates wealth in the first place. I could get into the whole-observer-reality effect proposed by quantum physics, but that’s for a different blog, or, at least another blog post. But let’s just say that wealth consciousness, at its most fundamental level, helps you identify the opportunities to make money: the ideas, the strategies, the tactics.

Wealth is the ability to make money and spend it effectively.

Some would say that making money is easy. And it’s our goal to create investment strategies that effortlessly make money.

But when it comes to building wealth, that’s up to the investor.