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Can an Octopus see the Future?

I found this great story on Yahoo about an octopus named Paul, who has the ability to know who is going to win each of the world cup games. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. His picks have been televised on live TV. Plus, even though he is German, he correctly chose Spain over Germany. So that means he is not prejudiced.

Is this octopus really clairvoyant, or could there be another explanation?

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Tuning Out the Financial Vuvuzela

I’m not really a soccer fan.

But I do get caught up in the World Cup. Most of the teams I rooted for are out.  Even Ghana.

Initially, I had trouble sitting through the early matches. First, the scores were so low. Then the constant racket of those infernal Vuvuzela horns. It sounded like locust on crack.


But, you know what? After a few games, I don’t even notice.

I think there’s a lesson. This could help you with the personal finance vuvuzelas: the financial media.

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