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Housing Market Continues Decline

August 6th, 2010

This article on Yahoo Finance talks about how the housing market is continuing to decline. As with most government intervention, the effect of the first time buyer’s credit had a short term benefit and I think it will have a long term negative effect.

Besides that, it enticed the most naive and inexperienced buyers to buy at the worst time possible. The housing market is going down and there is nothing to slow it down. Unemployment is high and the economy is weak. It is quite easy to see that housing prices are not likely to rebound any time soon.

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Will Buzz be the Google of Collective Intelligence?

February 13th, 2010

Google just released Buzz, sort of a souped up Twitter. It’s an awesome idea, and as usual, Google has refined an existing idea to make it better.

First it was search, and Google made its first billion by dominating the search engine market with a better service. Yahoo and a dozen other search engines have faded into the background with the success of Google’s search algorithm. Then it was GMail, the application that made web based email actually work well. Then Chrome, which is way faster than Firefox and I raved about in this post.

And now Buzz, which allows us to aggregate and communicate Tweet-like messages. And it goes farther by inlining images and creating more communication with less clicking. It also integrates with Twitter, Flickr, and Google Reader.

Why is Buzz a revolution?

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