The Personal Financial Freedom Manifesto

If it makes you fly... Photo from Creative Commons (Flickr) by notsogoodphotography.

If it makes you fly... Photo from Creative Commons (Flickr) by notsogoodphotography.

Revolutions don’t happen in good times; they happen when times are desperate. We can safely say that times are about as dire as ever in recent memory, with no real signals that an economic reset is near.

Unemployment is soaring. The stock market is limping. Governments are in turmoil.

It’s time for a revolution. Except this revolution doesn’t need to include street riots or mass rallies. In fact, those are never really revolutions–they’re just changing of the guards. What I’m talking about is a personal revolution–an internal Bunker Hill or Bastille–that  produces the biggest, most positive change.

This revolution should be so complete, that we’ll never fall back on the behaviors and attitudes that got us in this situation in the first place. It will be guided by a manifesto governing this new way of approaching our lives and lifestyles, our wallets and our pocketbooks.

I’m talking about a manifesto for personal financial freedom.

We will only work for ourselves. Knowing that our job situation can change at any time, at the whim of management, or on the shift in economic climate, we work for ourselves at our job, but we’ll never rely on it, or depend on it. We’ll use residual income and freelance methods to make sure we always have plan B’s at the ready.

Since all economies contain ways to prosper, we will not let economic conditions control us; we will control them and use strategies that make that control easier and more effective.

Spending and Saving
We won’t be conned or cajoled into spending money for things we don’t need. We’ll make sure a portion of our money is put back into an emergency fund and a portion used to fund our financial freedom fund, a fund that will earn returns that will make us less dependent.

We won’t be afraid of technology; we won’t be its slave, either. We’ll use it to earn, save, and invest our money using the tools and applications available from reputable people.

It’s not a hard plan, but it’s easy to slip into old habits and old ways of thinking. This war won’t be won with a single battle. Each day will be a challenge to keep this attitude and to secure your financial freedom.

Financial freedom is every step.

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  1. Sandra Park

    it is everyones dream to have Financial Freedom but it takes hard work to achieve it. i am blogging and making websites in the hopes that it could lead me to financial freedom someday.

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