Technology: The Impact of Personal Drones

UK Daily Mail

We should expect the law of unintended technological consequence to continue.

First, technology is going to become faster and more robust. Secondly, we’re not going to know the uses and implications for new technology.

Consider the idea that drones may become private. You  could have your very own unmanned aerial vehicle, a personal drone.

We all know that autonomous aircraft are watching drug runners and firing missiles for the military and law enforcement agencies. Those uses are kind of predictable.

But what if we — you and me — are able to buy and use drones?

Just like we are able to buy cars, there’s no reason that we won’t have our own drone one day. There could be a fleet of private drones.

The question is, what would we use them for? Here are some ideas:

Quick Deliveries
Ever walk into the office and realize you forgot your lunch? What if someone at home could pack that bag into a small UAV and send it on its way to you?

Could letters and packages be delivered by a small fleet of drones? It doesn’t sound impossible.
Private home security
A drone or two flying above your house with sensing and camera equipment could provide 24-7 security at your home or business.
More questions remain: what will this technology do to businesses that currently handle these operations, such as mail services and private security businesses?
These are just a few ideas. Other ideas may be far more disruptive.
I’d love to hear how you think drones would be used by average folks.

One thought on “Technology: The Impact of Personal Drones

  1. Kevin Buecher

    This is spot on the personal use of drones is real, feasible, and exciting.
    Do you know of any companies focusing on this?

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