The Four Secrets To Unconventional Wealth

279-days-logo-201x300Despite the economic havoc that continues to play out, I’m reading more and more about the unconventional ways that people are making money… and getting rich.

Here’s the guy who is inspiring me: Chris Guillebeau and his blog, the Art of Non-Conformity. Chris took an unconventional approach to blogging that seemed to defy the experts in many respects. However, the principle he did master was that he created unique content that addressed the needs of a niche group of entrepreneurs.

He wrote a few eBooks, but here’s a free book on his site, called 279 Days to Overnight Success, that I recommend.

Whether it’s producing eBooks, or selling art on Ebay or Etsy, (or creating advanced Automated Trading systems), Chris proves convincingly that people are finding new ways to create wealth that is in line with both their values and their aspirations.

As technology accelerates, this type of wealth generation becomes even more possible.

Reading Chris’s book made me think that this new economic era requires a new mindset. We need to psychologically and spiritually be prepared to make bold economic moves, the very moves that create unconventional wealth.

Drop preconceived notions: Entering a new economic era requires nimble thinking. The buggy whip manufacturer who opened a car dealership survived; the buggy whip manufacturer who created an electric whip probably did not.

Expand your imagination: What you thought was impossible is being rolled out today. What impossible thing would you create for your clients tomorrow?

Help someone: Con jobs never go viral. Helpful products and services will.

Powerless is the new powerful:
People who excel in the hierarchical corporate world do so because they like the power struggle. To attain unconventional wealth means you have to drop this struggle for power and become a servant to the needs of your clients and customers. (And that’s a pretty powerful place to be.)

I don’t mean to scare you, but with economic and technology trends coalescing, the unconventional may soon become the conventional and those who have adapted to this new economy quickly, will quickly master it.

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