The Hidden Danger of Inflation

Everyone remembers how things were so cheap once upon a time. “I remember when ice cream only cost 15 cents a scoop.” How often have you heard that sort of comment? The surprising thing is that since inflation happens slowly, we don’t notice the effect until a large amount of time has passed.

One detail that most financial advisors fail to mention is that inflation will destroy your savings. Most financial advisors will tell you that if you can get 8% return on your savings, you can retire in 40 years. I wouldn’t really trust that they can help me get 8% per year return. But even if they could, it would not be enough to retire on.

Why? Because a scoop of ice cream will cost $1,000. Right now, many experts are predicting that we will go into a period of massive inflation. This is because America is printing more money than ever. The rate of inflation is directly related to the amount of money that we print. Therefore, inflation is likely to increase in the near future.

The need to print money is largely fueled by the massive budget deficit. America doesn’t have the money to pay, so it just prints more. The bigger the deficit, the more it prints. And, it looks like we’ll be printing at record rates for the next few years.

It’s important to be aware of inflation, because it directly affects our finances. In just a few years the cost of housing and gasoline doubled. The same thing will happen again. If we do not double our income in that time, we will become much poorer. And our savings will drop in value by half.

This is the eighth post in a series entitled Secrets the Financial Industry doesn’t Want you to Know.

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