The Most Popular OIAI Post of All Time

After analyzing the traffic for the Online Investing AI blog, I became curious about the most popular post of all time. It turns out to be Rich Dad’s Cashflow Game is Now Free!. This got me thinking: why is this post so popular? Of all the Rich Dad posts, why do people love this one?


Rich Dad's Cashflow Game

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Game

Perhaps it is because of the high price of the board game. When I last checked it cost over $100, compared to perhaps $20 for most board games. Does the Rich Dad game cost more to produce? No, it costs more because it is worth more.

So maybe the post is so popular because millions of people want to buy the game but they don’t want to pay for it. It seems that wanting to get something for free is a very common goal in the U.S. I guess it is a desire for people throughout the world.

Ultimately for most people, the desire to get something for free is generated from a belief in scarcity. Most people think that they don’t have enough money, so they don’t want to pay for things. They believe that people like Zuckerberg or Tony Hsieh are blessed with luck.

I would argue quite the opposite. I suggest that Zuckerberg and Hsieh are blessed with beliefs that generated their massive wealth. This has been described as another kind of luck: Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. They simply know how to follow through, succeed and become wealthy.

The reason that everyone is not as lucky as Zuckerberg or Hsieh is that they are loser. That is, Laboring On Spurious and Erroneous Reasons. And one of these reasons is the belief that money is limited.

So, what is the solution? One good idea is to choose our beliefs, instead of adopting the beliefs of the people around us. There is a common perception that it is difficult to change our beliefs, but it turns out it is very easy, if you know how to do it. That will be the subject of a future post.