The Science of Wealth-Making: Tall, Sexy, Nerdy and Electric

Flickr--Creative Commons

Flickr–Creative Commons

There’s been a conversation about how people become wealthy on a few blogs the last couple of days..

A guest post on Financial Samurai offers an untraditional roadmap to financial success. This is a response to a previous post on making a six-figure salary.

There is no one true path to building wealth. There are a lot. You can earn it. You can invest it. You can win it. Someone can give it to you.

There seems to be no consensus on who gets rich, either. The rich get richer, they say. But do the poor become richer? Do the smart become richer? Do the religious become richer? Do the well-educated become rich? Do the pretty become rich?

What I would like to do is pull in the scientists and see what they have to say about the rich — how they became rich and, maybe, how you can become wealthy, too.

You don’t have to be smart to be rich. According to a study in the journal of Intelligence, there’s no correlation between IQ and how much money you have.

But, you should have a high SAT score, according to this study.

But, you should still have been popular in high school. Popular kids tend to earn more later. *My two cents: Now, they just need to have a study on how to be popular AND be a nerdy, high-SAT student.

Owners of electric vehicles are richer (and smarter), according to this US News story. *My two cents: It may mean that the rich can withstand the economic impact of what are currently inefficient vehicles.

Don’t worry about pay. According to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, pay had little to do with early retirement.

Don’t worry about being happy either. Turns out money can’t buy you happiness. *David Lee Roth’s two cents: Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you the yacht to pull up next to it.

The really wealthy tend to be Economics majors. Here’s a list of the top ten majors of the wealthy.

Be sexy: The Daily Beast reports that attractive men and women out-earn their unattractive counterparts.

Be tall and sexy: The taller you are the richer you become.

Be tall AND sexy THEN get married and stay married.

There are a lot more. If there’s one thing it’s certain, Americans — and maybe everyone — are obsessed with becoming wealthy.

Have you heard of any wealth-making tips that didn’t make the list?