Weekend Wisdom: 100 Percent Chance of Wisdom

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The world of technology and finance took a hit this week when Steve Jobs announced he would be quitting as CEO of Apple. Jobs has been fighting pancreatic cancer for a few years.

Apple has been a gem for investors and gadget folks alike. At the same time that this announcement was settling over the market, it was also announced that Apple was now officially the most successful American company. A bittersweet twist.

As if that news wasn’t bad enough, the Northeast, the economic powerhouse of the country, took a hit from Hurricane Irene.

It’s a good time to sit back and reflect.

Here are some of the posts and articles I’ve been following this week.

World of Finance advises you how to park your idle cash wisely.

Here’s Financial Samurai with Get a College Degree It Will Set You Free.

Are we saving to much for retirement? That’s what Wealth Informatics is wondering.

Yes I Am Cheap has an interesting comparison between the financial life of the 1950s and now.

You need insurance. Young and Thrifty has some reasons why.

Chaos? Or opportunity? Psy-Fi blog offers some reasons why you should invest while others are running away from the market.

My Journey to Millions gives this observation: No Investment Strategy Will Perfectly Align With Your Goals.

Control Your Cash posts this one: You Have No Freaking Idea, Do You?¬†Actually, you’re right CYC, I don’t know where my money is.

Want to evaluate your investment portfolio? Here are five tips to do just that from The Digerati Life.

Personal finance requires clarity. Matt on Money explains his take on why you need clarity in personal finance.

Stay Tough, Stay Employed. Good advice from CNN Money to survive and thrive during a tough economy.

So, $179 for a cheese sandwich? The end times have never tasted so delicious. That’s from Money Talk News.

And, finally… In times of disaster and doom, maybe it’s just better to streak in front of a global television audience. Thanks Boing Boing.

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