Weekend Wisdom: Einstein and Turkey

Flickr -- Creative Commons

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time is a relative phenomenon. Time and space are intimately connected.

If you travel at light speed, time will go quicker than someone who is at rest. It will seem to go even slower if that person at rest is watching PBS, for example.

Neutrinos are trying to prove Einstein wrong. A new experiment seems to show that these little particles can beat light–and hence, can bend time.

But I have a far less expensive way to test whether time can speed up.

I call it the Holiday-Work Week corollary. This states that the speed of time is intimately connected to whether it’s a holiday or not. During a holiday — like this Thanksgiving — time races by. All the things you swore you would get around to, you didn’t. The lawn? Unraked. The book? Still not finished. The blog post? Half done.

Now, next week, as most of us go back to work, we’ll notice that time will suddenly slow down. Almost screech to a halt.

Anyway. It’s just a theory.

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