Weekend Wisdom: Facebook IPO… Like? Or Not?

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A few major financial bits of news hit this week.

Ben Bernanke announced the possibility of more quantitative easing, or as I like to refer to it, The Fed’s Multi-Billion Dollar Obama Reelection Campaign Fund.

That wasn’t exactly unpredictable.

The other bombshell — for me, at least — was the announcement about a Facebook initial public offering, or IPO. I knew it was in the works, but thought it was still being debated by the social network’s executives.

IPOs can be more than just a way to value a company, or to turn virtual billionaires into real billionaires. They can signal increased health in the market and even indicate a new investment climate. Is this the start of another Tech Boom driven by maturing Web 2.0 companies? Hard to say. But my eyes will be on this offering for clues.

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