Weekend Wisdom — Links That Make You Think

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Just when you think you knew it all…

I’ve learned a lesson over the past few weeks that it’s the people that are most open to their own stupidity that have the opportunity to learn.

It’s the old “empty mind-beginner’s mind” thing again. If you ever had the experience of talking to someone who believes they know everything, you understand what I’m saying. You can tell them an unequivocal truth and they will not accept it. Because they didn’t know it. And if they didn’t know it and they know everything, how can it be true?

This person has no chance of growing intellectually… and probably emotionally, but that’s for another post.

But watch someone with an open mind who is introduced to a new subject. Their eyes convey the rich neural activity going on. The questions usually spill out unconsciously.

So, in that spirit, I’ll pass on some links that made me think this week.

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