Weekend Wisdom–Links to the Future… And Elsewhere

Creative Commons--Flickr

There’s an old saying, “Keep an eye on the past, your heart in the present, and your mind in the future.”

Actually, I just made it up.

But, anyhoo, I decided I would pass along some links today about future science and research. Each week that I think has been a breakthrough week for technology is followed by another week of startling breakthroughs.

And another one.

So. Here goes:


GizmodoFuture Internets Will be Powered by Quantum Particles

ForbesHow to Manage One Million Cars With Big Data

IEETThe Dyson Sphere

Phys OrgWill 3D Printing Launch the Next Industrial Revolution?

Science DailyEngineered Stem Cells Seek Out And Kill HIV in Living Mice and Artificial Photosynthesis Breakthrough

Daily MailUniversal Cancer Vaccine Tested on Humans for the First Time

Personal Finance

Financial SamuraiAverage Tax Refund and How to Spend it

The College InvestorTop iPad Apps for Finance, Investing, and News

GigaOmWhy Facebook Bought Instagram

Couple MoneyFinancial Choice and Their Impacts 5 Years Later