Weekend Wisdom: Read. Get Smart. Read More.

Creative Commons-- Walt Stoneburner

Wrapping up another week at Online Investing AI with a look at my reading review.

This is a pretty eclectic list, ranging from the political to the fantastic.

There’s been a lot of debate about the payroll tax cut extension, so I was particularly interested in what the Financial Samurai had to say. And it did not disappoint.

I write a lot about technology and research. The more I delve into this world, the more I’m convinced the world is going to change rapidly, in ways we might not be able to imagine. An interview with Eric Drexler alludes to this. Vance Woodward continues to provide some of the most interesting readings about the technological singularity, as well.

So. I hope you enjoy.

Here are some of those posts and articles:

Financial Samurai — Understand Why a Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Extension is a Bad Thing

H-Plus Magazine — Exploratory Engineering and Radical Abundance: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Eric Drexler

The Fantastic Future (Vance Woodward) — Being Smarter

Invest it Wisely — 6 Simple Ways to Save on Household Expenses

Retire by 40 — Sell Your Losers Before 2011 Ends

DIY Investor — Can You Manage Your Own Assets

Smart Passive Income — Over-Empowerment, Entitlement and Anonymity: The Dark Side of Social Media

Duke Chronicle — Next Time, Try a Sit-in

The Bonddad Blog — Asking Prices for Houses Turn Positive


Bargaineering — Money Leaks: Warming Up Your Car

PF Stock — Groupon, a Broken IPO

Budgets Are Sexy — Your Mission This Weekend, Fix Something