Weekend Wisdom: So Long Steve Jobs. And Jobs.

The world of business lost a giant. Steve Jobs.

The innovator and entrepreneur is likened to a 20th century version of Andrew Carnegie.

Jobs was a great leader. Was her perfect? No.

Reading about the good, the bad, and the entrepreneurial is just one subject on my reading list this week. Here are  some of the blog posts and online articles I’ve been reading this week:

Gawker: What everyone is too polite to say about Steve Jobs.

Gaping Void: Steve Jobs.

Millionaire Acts: Steve Jobs quotes.

Afford Anything: Stop Crying That There Are No Jobs. Create One.

Vance Woodward gets a little philosophical in If Wealth Doesn’t Make Your Happier, the Lack of Wealth Doesn’t Make You Sadder. (Something I want to follow up on with a post of my soon.)

The Real Secret to Achieving Financial Freedom on a Modest Income from Len Penzo.com.

Zero Hedge says don’t bet on an American economic resurgence anytime soon.

How about making $20 for a Tweet? Yes I Am Cheap has the details.

Four Questions Before Buying a StockGannon On Investing.

Ben Graham’s secret sauce for finding valuation of growth stocks… from Stockopedia UK.