Weekend Wisdom: The Rogue Blogger Edition

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Well, it was a good week for most of us.

Not if you were a rogue trader, though. What is a rogue trader anyhow? Is it some nomadic tribal leader punching away at online trades somewhere in the Mongolian highlands? Is he traveling with his band of scurvy dawgs upon the high seas, arrr?

No. Here’s what a rogue trader is: he’s or she’s a trader who placed a horrible bet and lost the company billions of dollars. (I’m looking right at you UBS.)

Do you think if Kweku Adoboli made $2 billion we would be calling him a “rogue trader.” No way. In fact, there is probably one trader–or a few traders–who made a billion or two off of Adoboli’s bad bet. Are we talking about them?

No such thing as a rogue trader.

But I’ve become a bit of a rogue blogger. I surf the high seas of personal financial blogosphere bringing you the best posts this week.



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Tag along with a spouse to a business conference and save moola. You can thank Free From Broke for that little money-saving tip.

Oblivious Investor talks about uncertainty and retirement plans.

I missed this a few weeks ago, but it’s a great post: Are You an Investor or a Speculator at The DIY Income Investor.

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