Weekend Wisdom: This Week in the Future

Creative Commons--Radar Communication

The future is coming.

And it’s coming faster than we think.

This week, I’ve read about steps toward breakthroughs that could lead to an amazing future–medical, electronic, quantum, and space travel innovations. I thought I would make that the focus of this review, although I added some more personal financial links, too. After all, they’re all interrelated. Wherever technology goes… you’re wallet or purse will follow.

Here are links to some of my reading this week:

PC MagazineChina to Take Over U.S. in Smart Phone Market

CapitalogixSomething is Always Working, The Trick is Finding it While it’s Working

KurzweilAIExpanding Our Intelligence Without Limit

The Price of RiceWhen You No Longer Have to Die

Med GadgetWearable Gadget Collects a Week of Physiological Data

Cell NewsEpigenetic Signatures Direct The Repair Potential of Reprogrammed Cells (Also check out The Future of Personalized Medicine.)

Philosophy MonkeyPlaying God

Financial SamuraiShould I Take Profits and Sell Stocks?

Copyblogger — How to Write Headlines That Work

Money Mamba3 Signs That You Should But That Dividend Stock

I Am 1 PercentYou Already Are a One Percenter