Weekly Wisdom: Are Ebooks More Expensive Than Print Books?

Creative Commons--Jerry Bunkers

Welcome to Weekly Wisdom.

I’ll be sharing some links to great stories and articles in a sec, but right now I’d like to pass on my on bit of wisdom.

I just realized that eBooks are becoming more expensive than print books.

Yesterday, I was shopping for eBooks through my Kindle and saw one title I was interested in.

It cost $13.99. Not exactly cheap.

It’s a new title, so there wasn’t a paperback version, but the hardback cost $16.99.

I know what you’re thinking: “You nut, the hardback is still 3 bucks more than the electronic version.”

I though that, too, but the re-sale value is in the $8 range. So, you could get that hardback for $8.99, or 5 bucks cheaper than reading it on your Kindle.

Recently, there have been stories that publishers are pushing for higher prices on e-books. Is this a sign of that? Not sure, but it’s something I will think about as I shop for books.

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