Weekly Wisdom: Autumn Begins, Financial Wisdom Continues

In Pennsylvania, where I’m writing this, the leaves are now tipped with deep reds and flashes of yellows. On the mountains, a brush stroke of orange has exploded in spots.

There’s also a chill in the air.

Autumn officially arrived and so did the first thoughts of winter.

Historically, fall was the time you made preparations for winter. People stored up food and prepared their homes to keep out the invasion of cold weather that would soon be on the way.

This week, I’d like to pass on some financial preparation, so you’ll survive any monetary challenges that pass your way.

Here are some things to think about… but most of all act on.

Start your reading off with this post on It’s What You Do, Not What You Say from Fiscal Fizzle.

Scott Adams, the guy who created Dilbert, is dead-on when he writes about office life. Who knew he could be so perceptive about personal finance. Check out Dilbert’s Unified Financial Theory.Thanks to Joe Taxpayer for this.

When I went to high school, three of us rode in my friend’s 20-year-old Ford Fairlane. And loved every mile of it. So, I have some sympathy for FiscalGeek and this post on making his kids drive a piece of crap.

My Money Minute offers Five Things Jay Leno Has Taught Me About Finances.

Need to save money? Make money? Make some money to save? Here are some five minute financial fixes from Dumb Little Man.

Need a little more time in your life. Try cutting down on the Top Five Time Wasters, according to Five Cent Nickle.

Always a good spot for financial advice, Wallet Pop offers a few ways people are thriving in a recession. (Although the image of the ukulele nerds that accompanies the story has me a bit perplexed. Do I have to take up the uke to thrive? Anyhoo. Check it out.)

The Adventurous Writer offers five ways to make more money as a writer.

Dividend stocks are a popular investment for buy-and-holders and are good ideas for tempestuous markets. Seeking Alpha has a look at the best double-digi dividend stocks. If you’re new to investing, options can be a bit confusing. Check out Moolanomy for an introduction to options and put calls.

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