Weekly Wisdom: Best Investing Lessons

Pic courtesy s_husson @ Flickr CC

Pic courtesy s_husson @ Flickr CC

I’ll start off our weekly collection of wise posts with a question: why do we call these “lessons.” Aren’t you learning more? Then, shouldn’t the right word be more-ons… oh, maybe that explains it.

Anyways, I’ve scoured the web this week to find some of the best posts on investing and making money. And some other personal financial topics, too.  Please feel free to peruse and click.

Also, I get email after email asking me: why didn’t you include my post? “I’m wise,” they say. “I’m interesting. Validate me.” I just want to tell both of you that I included the posts this week. Sheesh.

If, however, you believe your post was wrongly rejected by my scientifically-powered roundup, please include the link in the comment section.

Money Energy ponders the end of the risk rally and bringing on a double-dip recession.

This sounds like a commercial: Do you want to retire? Sure, we all do…  However, Canadian Finance Blog passes on the 10 percent rule to retirement. And while we’re at thinking (and thinking) about retirement, you should check out Five Cent Nickle for its take on what inflation will do to your retirement.

Investing doesn’t just mean buying stocks and bonds. Escapingthe9to5 makes the case that investing in these 6 steps can make you a millionaire in 6 years.

Check out Worthy Posts for a primer on just how stock prices are created.

What’s the difference between savings and investing? The Wisdom Journal will offer you the distinctions.

What’s the January Effect? Hope to Prosper talks a little bit about stock market phenomena in this post: How to Profit from the January Effect.

You can only invest if you have a lot of excess cash laying around, right? Not so fast! Personal Dividends shows you how to invest with just a little bit of money.

How could China avoid the potential mega-Bear market nipping at its heels? Can Turtles Fly ponders the Henry Ford way: pay higher wages.

Will the Google-China spat help Baidu? Parchayi gives the goods on the debate.

The Financial Blogger brings us an overview of the covered call options strategy.

Traderfeed Blogspot passes on a handy calculator to help you avoid risk of ruin. The calculator was actually developed for poker players, but it can be used for investing, too.

Have a great week!

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